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GIS Users,
There have been a couple of significant developments in the last few weeks regarding the Enterprise GIS infrastructure that affect ALL GIS users.

  1.  We are working on upgrading the Enterprise ArcGIS software to 10.3.1 across all platforms. Currently we have notified the agency's users to upgrade their ArcGIS Desktop to 10.3.1. We will be upgrading our servers hosting MapDirect and ArcGIS online content to ArcGIS 10.3.1 in the coming weeks. The Oracle Enterprise Geodatabases including production SDE (SDE1) will remain at ArcGIS 10.2.2 for an extended period of time. The ArcGIS Desktop upgrade will not have any significant impact to existing map projects, and this upgrade will not affect the usability of the custom DEP tools - DataMiner, Zoom Tool, etc.

  1.  We have shut down the SDE application server, which Esri deprecated at version 10.3.1. The SDE application server served as a 'middleman' between ArcGIS desktop and SDE/Oracle. Esri now supports only Direct Connect connections where ArcGIS Desktop bypasses the application server and connects directly to SDE in Oracle. As part of our preparation for this major development, we migrated  the entire GIS library available via DataMiner to a file geodatabase structure in 2014. This not only eliminated the need to connect to SDE/Oracle for Enterprise GIS data, it also provided a more efficient method to access the enterprise library. However, users who have saved projects that use the legacy application server connections, will notice a red ! next to any layer using this connection. This issue can be resolved by adding the same data again from DataMiner and removing the old layer.

Division Data Stewards who may need to connect to production SDE/Oracle, can do so by using the ArcGIS direct connect method after installing the Oracle Client software. Your Division GIS Coordinators have been notified in advance of all these developments. Please contact them for additional information and assistance.

Please contact the Service Desk for any other issues with detailed information including screen shots.


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