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Wouldn't it be easier to disolve the pills in laboratory solvent waste that is generated by most hospitals.  The solvent waste can then be manifested and shipped to a permitted HazWaste Incinerator for disposal.
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But there is a famous old recipe at:


2.3 Waste immobilization: encapsulation
Encapsulation involves immobilizing the pharmaceuticals in a solid block within a plastic or
steel drum. Drums should be cleaned prior to use and should not have contained explosive
or hazardous materials previously. They are filled to 75% capacity with solid and semi-solid
pharmaceuticals, and the remaining space is filled by pouring in a medium such as cement
or cement/lime mixture, plastic foam or bituminous sand. For ease and speed of filling, the
drum lids should be cut open and bent back. Care should be taken to avoid cuts to hands
when placing pharmaceuticals in the drums. Once the drums are filled to 75% capacity, the
mixture of lime, cement and water in the proportions 15:15:5 (by weight) is added and the
drum filled to capacity. A larger quantity of water may be required sometimes to attain a
satisfactory liquid consistency. Steel drum lids should then be bent back and sealed, ideally
by seam or spot welding. The sealed drums should be placed at the base of a landfill and
covered with fresh municipal solid waste. For ease of movement, the drums may be placed
on pallets which can then be put on a pallet transporter.
Encapsulation of antineoplastic drugs requires a slightly different technique (see Section

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Does anyone have any research on this disposal method for pharmaceuticals? I would encourage anyone with real data about incorporating drugs into concrete to pass this information along.


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Sounds like we are going to have some heavily medicated concrete in Oklahoma.


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P You're not really thinking of printing this...are you?

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