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Matthew C. Mireles mirelesmc at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 6 15:27:41 EST 2011

Sometime ago, I saw an impressive "letter of support" from law enforcement, I believe from the Operation Medicine Cabinet in Florida.  The letter was well written on official police dept or sheriff letterhead stating 1) invited participation, 2) support for the event/program, 3) date and hours of participation, 4) brief description of custody of controlled substances.  It sounded very legal and would suffice as a MOU or MOA.

We're wrapping up our annual survey of drug take-back/return programs for 2010, and we counted 225 programs throughout the US.  The first drug take-back program in Alaska has just been recorded.  A few more completed surveys are still trickling in.  We intend the publish the second edition of National Directory by the end of Feb 2011.  If you need to update your info or wish to be included in the National Directory, please let me know.

Matthew Mireles

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>Subject: [Pharmwaste] Re: Memorandum of understanding with law enforcement
>Our local law enforcement agencies (three different ones so far) have
>been willing to do this work on their own dime.  The Sheriff's
>department is now an active member of our organizing group.
>Since law enforcement participation is required, I get "commitment
>letters" from them to include in my event permit applications.  Here is
>a sample letter:
>Letter head
>I want to confirm that the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Department will
>provide an officer to take possession of all medications, including
>controlled substances, collected at the spring and fall Unwanted
>Household Pharmaceutical Waste Collection events to be held at the TCAT
>bus garage  in 2011.  We will coordinate with the Ithaca Police
>Department (IPD) officers staffing the event to ensure that proper chain
>of custody is maintained.  The collected medications will be taken by a
>Deputy, along with a witness, for witnessed destruction at an EPA
>approved facility.
>Additionally, we will be coordinating with town and village police
>departments to collect medications, including controlled substances, at
>several satellite locations on the same days that the TCAT collections
>are held.  Along with the officer, a second person will always remain
>with the medications as a witness against diversion.  Collected
>medications will be brought to the TCAT site and custody transferred to
>the IPD officers.  
>I understand that the name(s) and contact information of the officer or
>officers involved have to be submitted to the NYSDOH Bureau of Narcotic
>Enforcement (BNE) before the event.  I will be sure to send this
>information to you and/or directly to the BNE prior to each event.  The
>Deputy will send you a copy of their incident report and chain of
>custody documents to be included with your final report to the
>regulating authorities.
>Please let me know if you have any questions.
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>>>> "Jaramillo, Jeanie" <Jeanie.Jaramillo at ttuhsc.edu> 1/6/2011 11:07 AM
>Does anyone have an example MOU or contract that they utilize for law
>enforcement participation at community medication take back programs?  
>We have not been formal with this in the past, but would like to
>implement this procedure to avoid potential problems in the future.  If
>any of you have something you'd be willing to share, I'd appreciate it. 
>If possible, we'd like to see one in which time was provided "in kind"
>or at the city's expense as well as a document in which there is
>agreement for payment for officer time.  Thank you in advance.
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