[Pharmwaste] lesson seems we will all be at this for years more....

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First we have to get safe, secure and convenient take-back programs in place, funded by those who make and sell the products.  Then we can work on performance goals to increase collection to higher and higher percentages of the total wasted.  Public awareness will always be a challenge and an ongoing task - same is true for drug diversion programs, poison-prevention  programs, household hazardous waste programs, recycling programs, whatever.  Historically, the British Columbia medicine return program did not do much promotion.  A few years ago, they found only about 25% awareness, so they started a more focused awareness campaign, with the result that now half of the population knows about the service - that's major progress.  The B.C. program collected 50 metric tons of unused meds last year - where would those 50 tons have gone otherwise?  So we take it a step at a time, recognizing that public awareness always needs to be addressed along with the collection infrastructure.  Our goal should be to set up systems that will manage all of the unused meds so that they don't cause a poisoning, get diverted for abuse or get tossed into the environment.  - Dave Galvin

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