[Pharmwaste] Web-based data entry for community med take back programs

Jaramillo, Jeanie Jeanie.Jaramillo at ttuhsc.edu
Sun Jan 23 16:16:25 EST 2011

Friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and others,

We are currently working with Computer Automation Systems (CAS) to develop a web-based system for voluntary logging of community medication take back collections.

CAS developed the first nationwide real-time reporting and surveillance system for poison control centers (Toxic Exposure Surveillance System/ TESS) and they currently provide the most advanced data collection and reporting system at the local poison center level (TOXICALL(r)).

The med collection system is being designed to provide easily and readily accessible reports regarding collections.   We are developing the reporting system such that either pre-developed ("canned") or ad hoc reports can be run at will with criteria meeting the various needs of users.

In development of this system, we are exploring accessibility to third party data sources for the selection/classification of collected meds (i.e. query for a med that has been collected, choose the product from a list, have the system automatically pull drug classification info, etc.)

We share this information with you as we know many of you have an interest in data collection as well.  We understand that the resources required for inventory of collections can be significant and that there is still a need for programs to be conducted by those who do not have access to these resources.  Our hope is that the various organizations that are interested in inventorying items will have a central repository for that data in which each respective organization will maintain ownership of their own data, but yet the data, in aggregate, could be reported at a national level.  This could help standardize the methods by which we report results from events.

If you have questions or have interest in utilizing such a system, you are welcome to contact Thomas Neuman at Computer Automation Systems, Inc.  ( Thomas_neuman at cas-co.com<mailto:Thomas_neuman at cas-co.com> ) or you may contact me.

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