[Pharmwaste] Pharma-waste: Costly Pollution or Untapped Resource?

Volkman, Jennifer (MPCA) jennifer.volkman at state.mn.us
Tue Sep 6 21:08:03 EDT 2011

The links within the article: "extended producer responsibility"; "who should foot the bill" and "poisoning natural resources and wildlife" are good too.

Pharma-waste: Costly Pollution or Untapped Resource?
Pharmaceutical waste is a big, expensive problem. Americans dispose of an estimated $1 billion worth of unused medications annually. Doing so wastes precious health resources, and pollutes the environment too. A study in 2008<http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2008-03-10-drugs-tap-water_N.htm> found the presence of pharmaceuticals in the water supply of 24 major municipalities nationwide.

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