[Pharmwaste] Federal Pharmaceuticals EPR Bill Introduced

Sierra Fletcher sierra at productstewardship.us
Fri Sep 16 17:04:06 EDT 2011

Dear Pharm Waste colleagues,

On Wednesday, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has introduced the Pharmaceutical Stewardship Act of 2011 (HR 2939), a federal EPR bill for pharmaceuticals. PSI is pleased that the bill includes many of the recommendations provided by our staff and members over the past nine months.

In brief the bill would:

*         Require prescription drug manufacturers to establish a national collection and disposal program with oversight from the EPA.

*         Create a default program administered by a board of directors to be appointed by the EPA.

o   Manufacturers would also have an opportunity to opt-out and create an independent program.

*         All programs would be required to provide a collection site in every county and city with a population greater than 10,000 or offer a pre-paid mailer.

*         All drugs collected would need to be destroyed through hazardous waste incineration, unless the EPA grants permission for an alternate disposal method which offers equivalent or superior protection of the environment and human health.

Additionally the bill would:

*         Establish a "Commission on Drug Disposal and Its Public Safety, Public Health, and Environmental Impacts" composed of relevant federal agencies, and

*         Require the Comptroller General to submit a report on drugs and drug byproducts in surface and ground water.

Nothing in the bill would preempt state or local governments from enacting more stringent requirements. It also does not give any reason to reduce the level of legislative and other activity underway at the state and local level.

Link to HR 2939: http://www.productstewardship.us/associations/6596/files/Pharm_Stewardship_legislation.pdf

Link to Congresswoman Slaughter's statement for the Congressional record: http://www.productstewardship.us/associations/6596/files/Statement_for_the_record_Pharmaceutical_Stewardship_Bill.pdf

The Board of PSI has voted to support this legislation. If you would like more information or to join us in expressing your support, please let me know.

All the best,

Sierra E. Fletcher
Director of Policy and Programs
Product Stewardship Institute, Inc.
29 Stanhope St., 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02116
617-236-4886 (phone)
sierra at productstewardship.us

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