[Pharmwaste] Program Evaluation--Ideas needed today!

Ed Gottlieb egottlieb at cityofithaca.org
Thu Sep 29 08:05:44 EDT 2011

Hi All,

I'm in the process of tweaking a grant application that is due tomorrow morning.  I'm not satisfied with the evaluation criteria for the drop-box program we are initiating.  We will be installing nine or ten drop-boxes in police stations throughout the county.  

The evaluation criteria used by any type of collection program could potentially be applicable.
So, please let me know how you evaluate your collection program.  Thank you!
Is the total weight collected per year by a program the most important measure? 
Should each drop-box be evaluated individually to determine if it needs to be taken out service due to lack of use? 
If the amount being collected declines year after year, at what point is that box, or the program, deemed to be a failure?
Is the total cost per pound destroyed the best measure of success?  If so, what numbers do you use as benchmarks?
>From the little I've seen, program costs vary tremendously and cost calculations are not standardized. 
Should I avoid mention of any measure where cause and effect can't be positively established?  For example, it would be wonderful if local overdose and illegal possession arrest rates went down (or did not increase at the same rate as elsewhere) after a take-back program starts.  Even if the change is significant, a program couldn't prove it was the cause of the improvement.  Does that preclude mentioning these changes in an evaluation report?    

Any advice you can get to me early today would be especially appreciated!  
I should have thought to consult the wisdom of  the group sooner.  Apologies for this rush request!

By the way, our fourth one day collection event is this Saturday.  I'll send the group a summary of the results.

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