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Mention on page 47

Policy Focus: Preventing
Prescription Drug Abuse


Disposal: As stated previously, 71 percent of individuals that reported
that they had misused prescription drugs obtained the drugs from a friend
or relative.84 This demonstrates the importance of getting these unneeded
or expired prescription drugs out of the home and properly disposed where
they cannot harm people or the environment.
The Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010 allowed for DEA to
implement regulations on the disposal of controlled substances by ultimate
users, long term care facilities, and other authorized persons. Until the
regulations are promulgated, DEA will arrange for communities to get rid of
unneeded or expired prescription drugs through National Prescription Drug
Take Back Days. These Take Back Days have been one of the most successful
aspects of the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan. As of December
2011, three Take Back Days have resulted in the collection and destruction
of more than 498 tons of medications through this initiative. The success
of this initiative could not have been accomplished without the combined
efforts of more than 3,900 Federal, state, local, and tribal law
enforcement agencies that sponsored more than 5,000 collection sites.

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