[Pharmwaste] Wisconsin pharmacies inform customers about Rx drug disposal

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Congratulations! I love that you are able to give out the unified message!  We finally got our marketing materials put together and are hopefully ready to update our website.

In case someone out there is in a similar position of not quite being ready to get out a unified message, I am hopeful that you don't have others entities working at cross purposes, who don't review your website information on disposal and who do not contact the people in your agencies who have been working for several years to establish a collection network for pharms. I was sorely disappointed that the attached letter went out to all cities and through other channels across MN with no check in to the state disposal authority (MPCA) or the Board of Pharmacy. Now we have extra work to do to counter the messaging that has already gone out. Our website says to first contact your sheriff's office to see if they collect, then use trash disposal if you have to. With nearly 100 collection sites, we don't think anyone will have to do that anymore. We do not agree with the guidance from the ONDCP on flushing some medications, we never have.

But the letter says otherwise and it went out first. So, if you are planning a unified message, you might want to let Smarxt Disposal know exactly what that is, sooner rather than later.


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Starting this week, Wisconsin pharmacies are giving their customers a unified message about options for pharmaceutical waste reduction and disposal.

The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin (PSW), whose membership includes nearly all pharmacies in the state, distributed a flier for its members to place on their counters or to insert in bags with prescription medications.  PSW encouraged pharmacists to inform their patients about nearby disposal locations and to consider volunteering their time at medication collection sites.

Development of the flier was a group effort.  The Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Waste Working Group drafted the wording, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and PSW gave permission to use their logos, PSW's graphic artist designed the flier, and PSW distributed it in its weekly email to members.

See the flier here:

Barb Bickford, Medical Waste Coordinator
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