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Hi Stevan and Burke,
FYI, most universities have access to virtually every online journal.  So, if your organization is affiliated with a university you could have them access the article for you.  Unfortunately, I am no longer affiliated with the U of MN so I no longer have the electronic access.  You could even ask your local library or Burke, in your case, the state library.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Burke, if you get a copy of the article you referred to, I would be interested in it as well.  Thanks.

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Does anybody happen to have a copy of the report below?  I'd like to save the $50 charge if possible.

Versteeg, D.J., Alder, A.C., Cunningham, V.L., Kolpin, D.W., Murray-Smith, R., and Ternes, T., 2005,
Environmental exposure modeling and monitoring of human pharmaceutical concentrations in the environment<http://www.setac.net/setacssa/ecssashop.show_product_detail?p_mode=detail&p_product_serno=202&p_cust_id=&p_order_serno=&p_promo_cd=&p_price_cd=&p_category_id=BOOKS>, in Williams, R.T., ed., Human pharmaceuticals - assessing the impacts on aquatic ecosystems: SETAC Press, p. 71-110.


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