[Pharmwaste] American Medicine Chest Challenge/SMARxT Disposal

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Has anyone had contact with American Medicine Chest Challenge (PhRMA)? http://www.americanmedicinechest.com/

AMC links to the SMARxT Disposal web site & vice versa.  AMCC's web page posts a national drop-off locater.  But in order to be listed, you have to
agree to its partnership agreement.
     I acknowledge that this partnership agreement is made between AMCC and said individual/community group. I/My         
     organization agree to fully utilize the American Medicine Chest Challenge media components to the fullest extent     
     possible. AMCC web banners will be placed on web site(s) of partnering organizations. All effort will be made to     
     collaborate with local law enforcement to establish collection sites following all local, state, and federal         
     guidelines/protocols. (Law enforcement must complete Law Enforcement Partnership Agreement). We will serve as media  
     contacts for AMCC in the communities we service. This agreement is executed upon checking "I Agree" and submitting   
     the form.                                                                                                            

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It appears that the SMARxT Disposal website (http://www.smarxtdisposal.net/) no longer has the video or language only saying throw pharmaceutical
waste in the trash (which it had last week).  They’ve added, “Take advantage of community drug take-back programs…” which is now in line with the U.S.
DEA, EPA, FDA, and White House ONDCP policy.  Thanks to Margaret Shields for spearheading the sign-on letter to the USFWS for getting that process

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Subject: [Pharmwaste] USFWS updating medicine disposal guidance - response to comment letter

Greetings.  In early November I shared with this listserv a comment letter sent to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service explaining concerns about the SMARxT
medicine disposal program, a collaboration between USFWS, APhA, and PhRMA.  That comment letter had more than fifty signatories representing local
agencies, law enforcement, elected officials, and individuals who encouraged USFWS to bring their medicine disposal guidance in line with other
federal agencies that recommend use of medicine take-back programs.  Additional comment letters were sent in by individual agencies and organizations.

Good news: the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has responded positively to address our concerns.  See the attached response. USFWS says they will be
updating the program to encourage the use of medicine take-back programs, stating:

      “Given these developments and the fact the Administration has elevated the medication disposal issue as a public health concern, we are bringing
      the SMARxT Disposal campaign up-to-date with the current guidance and encourage the use of medicine take-back programs where available, while
      clarifying that disposal of unwanted medicines in the household trash is a transitional measure until drug take-back systems are available to
      all communities.”

We hope to see that updated guidance on the SMARxT website and materials soon.  This change will provide clearer, consistent information to consumers
about safe disposal of leftover medicines.

Thanks to all who worked on this!

Margaret Shield PhD, Policy Liaison
Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County
130 Nickerson Street, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98109-1658
(w) 206-263-3059

Protect Our Kids, Families, and Environment - www.TakeBackYourMeds.org
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