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That will depend on how the waste is regulated. For hazardous waste or hazardous materials, DOT specifies the packaging type that must be used. Here in MN we use the HHW exemption and the packaging requirements are really set by the Waste To Energy facilities that receive the waste. For non-regulated waste, there is flexibility in the type of container that can be used, they don’t have to meet ASTM or whatever codes are specified in DOT regulations. Our WTE’s specify that the containers be leak and puncture proof, less than 50 lbs and they prefer fiber over plastic. I believe most locations are probably shipping in plastic lined fiber or just fiber containers. WTE’s won’t open containers and dump them, so the container would be incinerated and that is for the best, pills are squirrely. I don’t know if DOT prohibits recycled content packaging. I know that metal drums can be refurbished to meet DOT code.
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Hi all you pharm waste collection experts,
What advice do you have for packaging used to send back pharmaceutical waste collected at a pharmacy to send back for disposal?  Has anyone investigated environmentally preferable type packaging, e.g. recycled content, or even potentially reusable?
Thank you for your help!
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