[Pharmwaste] RE: Mexico's national take back program

Lucy, Burke Burke.Lucy at CalRecycle.ca.gov
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Very interesting - now we're surrounded by industry-funded programs in Canada and now Mexico.  

According to Google Translate: 

SINGREM is fully funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Its program of annual operation and expansion depends on the proceeds of the Companies adhering through a quota set by the Board. This deal expected by 2014 a population of over 68 million people in the country.
The SINGREM is a civil, non-profit, unique of its kind in Mexico. Surge in 2008 on the initiative of the Pharmaceutical Industry (CANIFARMA), to address the issue responsibly generating drugs that expire in Mexican households, based on the Law for the Prevention and Waste Management, now in force . 

The SINGREM also has the support of the Federal Authorities and Local Health and Environment Management and Disposal of expired drugs and their leftovers in the public user households.


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Test your Spanish on their website.


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