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I also contacted the company about the Cactus product - they said they would send me an MSDS sheet on the "sludge" used in the containers. They said it was NOT like the Drug Buster product which contains vinegar and dish soap and charcoal, and could not tell me if it was the same "gel" as the Yellow Jug folks use in their containers. The liquid container holds 3 liters and the solids one holds 1.7 liters (think of a large soda bottle). The battery is to monitor the level of stuff inside and warn when it is getting full, and also has to do with the security system. I asked about prices and was told $462. When I asked about refills/replacements for the containers it was vague and confusing. They told me that filled containers can have ANY drug, scheduled or unscheduled if/when it is sent back to them for disposal, or it can be disposed of at the facility using it. I specifically asked more than once about being able to handle controlled substances and was told it was no problem. I asked if it had been approved through JCAHO for disposal in health care facilities and was told no.

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