[Pharmwaste] New online tool for reducing pharmaceutical waste in healthcare facilities

Bickford, Barbara J - DNR (Barb) Barbara.Bickford at Wisconsin.gov
Mon Apr 29 14:30:50 EDT 2013

In these times of tightening budgets, drug shortages and increasing evidence of the environmental effects of pharmaceuticals, there is now an online tool to help healthcare facilities reduce pharmaceutical waste.  Check it out here:

Developed by the University of Wisconsin Extension Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Pharmaceutical Waste Reduction website offers a searchable database for drugs for which there are documented studies of waste reduction strategies that work.  The site describes other strategies facilities might try and offers a process for determining which strategies to try first, based on the facilities' own priorities.

The website was designed to be a collaborative effort.  Healthcare facilities and researchers are invited to expand the tool by sharing proven waste reduction ideas via an online form.   UW Extension has placed an intern in a Wisconsin hospital to gather and document more ideas for the website.

The website's development has been funded by the US EPA under a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant for reducing pharmaceutical waste entering the Great Lakes.  Thank you, EPA!

Barb Bickford
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
barbara.bickford at wisconsin.gov

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