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Hi all,

Cut and paste job below...from a survey I did in 2010. The weight of packaging was 32.3%, but you will note below that some items included the container weight, so it could go 38% (if I assume 1/3 of those weights are also packaging. I think 85% is not weight and it seems a bit high for volume. I think weight is a more accurate way to measure because clearly the volume of x number of containers is going to be the same in the drum whether they are full, partial or empty...but it is good data if the point is saving space in bins.

The per person amounts I dug out varied from:

1.46 lbs/person, first collection events in Duluth region 2007-8, (88.25 lbs controlled, 1703.25 total pounds, 1163 participants)

2012, 1.1 lbs/person, statewide

2013, 1 lb/person, statewide

We gave up gathering weight per person data because it wasn't collected by 80+% of the programs.



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Reporting results from yesterdays in house collection event, held at an assisted living community.  About one third of residents participated.

We had enough volunteers to remove all recyclables.  The percent, by weight, of recyclables (32%) was much less than the estimate of a large program (see below) which put it at five times that of the collected medications or 85%.

Though I didn't think to measure it, I'd estimate the volume of the recyclables to be about five times that of the medications or 85%.  This makes me wonder if that packaging estimate accidentally stated it as weight rather than volume?

Anyone else care to report results for the % packaging?

Next time I hope to use standard sized boxes to make a volume estimate more accurate.

70 participants;

81.65 gross pounds collected*;

55.85 pounds of medications (68% by weight);

25.8 pounds of recycling (32% by weight);

* I forgot to weigh the trash generated.  Non-medicated personal care products (shampoo, for example) were put in the trash before drop-offs were weighed.

Average pounds of medications per person = 0.79 (< half of what we normally get).

Survey results showed that many knew about the drop box at a nearby police station.

I suspect the low average weight collected is because some residents have been using that drop box.

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When we use the term Rx-Waste we mean all drug waste that we accept. See Accepted/Not Accepted list on website

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> To all


> I was just contacted and asked to provide some additional info for a

> state-funded drug collection program. I'm sharing this with the full list serve I think you will find it helpful. The average weight per pharmacy collected in 2015 was 201 lbs of Rx-Waste. Do note, that figure is for Rx-Waste only as the packaging is kept by the consumer for proper recycling. If packaging were to be included the ttl weight would be approx. 5 times that for a ttl of 1005 lbs.

> Cost for the Program is $300 per year unlimited weight collection (some state specific restrictions). Cost for the Lockable Container for Controlled Substances is a one-time deposit of $150.


> Thank You for your interest in the Yellow Jug Old Drugs Program and for your support of all efforts to keep our water clean and our communities safe.


> Chris Angel, President GLCW/USCW



> For information on the Yellow Jug Old Drugs Program go to

> www.GreatLakesCleanWater.org<http://www.GreatLakesCleanWater.org> or www.USCleanWater.org<http://www.USCleanWater.org>



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> Subject: [Pharmwaste] Call for Vendor Information on Med Collection Receptacles and Mail-Away envelopes

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>> Hello All,


>> I am working with a group that is pushing for more pharmacy and

>> law-enforcement based permanent med disposal receptacles and is also

>> seeking information on the current options for mail away envelopes.

>> We'd like to prepare a list of the current options. There's one

>> vendor that's offering a

6-month,> no contract trial period. And, I've received emails in the past from several vendors, but the options have changed so rapidly and prices have come down a bit, so I wanted to put out a new call for information. I feel like we're on the brink of a tide change in terms of pharmacy participation.>

>> So, all of you vendors out there, if you're willing to share information that can be presented publicly, please share. Might be helpful to share with the listserv rather than just me, but if you would like to send me information directly, that's ok too.


>> Thank you for your time and efforts in helping with this critical need.


>> Jeanie Jaramillo-Stametz, PharmD

>> Managing Director, Texas Panhandle Poison Center Asst. Professor,

>> Texas Tech UHSC School of Pharmacy Director, Medication Cleanout

>> 1300 S. Coulter St., Suite 105

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>> (office): (806)414-9299

>> (mobile): (806)376-0039



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