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To All, The reason most Rx-Waste collection programs do not collect

liquids is because collection of liquid waste of any type is has much

stricter regulations State and Federal in regards to collection,

shipping via common carrier, freight shipping and destruction.

Collection of liquid Rx-Waste should be included collection programs

and encouraged as liquid waste is a large percentage of the potential

Rx-waste stream.

The Yellow Jug Old Drugs Program does collect liquid Rx-Waste. The

liquid is absorbed by the gel we use in our jugs turning the liquid

waste into a non-lquid gel safe for collection and transporting as a

solid waste.

The gel also dissolves pills making the pills non-retrievable which is

an important consideration when collecting controlled substances.

Rendering collected controlled substances non -retrievable provides an

additional layer of security for the pharmacy, the public, the

transporters and destruction facilities

Chris Angel, President www.GreatLakes-US-CleanWater.org



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