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Thanks for all you're hard work compiling this information.  Hopefully, it will open lead to development of policy to reduce over prescribing, abuse and take back programs.

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Hello All,

I am happy to finally share with you all that a manuscript on controlled substance medication take back data from 2011-2015 prepared by my colleagues and me, has now been published in the Journal of Substance Use. This includes results from data that was collected from multiple states including Arkansas, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

If I had to sum up the take home message from the article, I would say it is that 'more than 50% of the controlled medications that are prescribed remain unused across the board'. The major limitation is that this analysis is based on meds brought to take back programs. It is likely that there is a population that uses all of their medications and therefore, do not have need for take back and that is not included in the analysis.

The article is open access, no embargo. I am hoping this hyperlink will work. Let me know if it does not!

Multi-state medication take back initiative: Controlled substances collected from 2011 to 2015<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/2DRPowrhvKNtCXPwUTsSCyMyUUqejhO-Yrjhohs7nKqemjqqb2bzxEVd7bVEVdETKUYqem7xNEVdyfX2nY8X7lp7DR1kVJAWmXQ6PsVJAWmXQ6PqpEVKgvQQsLZvDTT7ANPTnKnjp7fsqem7AkXTWyaqRQRrIKsG7DR8OJMddLCQn3t-spujhhoKMedTdw0FX11SI3Vg_BYgHb7mPPYhLOdTHUyMU-qenzhOzOtQhT8IIzDAQjsZwwWn8lrxrW0E-k_zISRqMfB3-ndFLIc3zo9QIvm9Ewqd40L7omBgQgqTcDm9EwrmgSvF6y2Ro4oXdI_pOH2w1Cy0JlK9EwScVmfYQgiEq88lc6y1pIwvaxfQ3h065Lwq812RLFgQgCPhOyrxAmp>

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