[Pharmwaste] Impressive push for drop-boxes in VA

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If you passed this over, I encourage you to take a quick look at all of the tabs on their website. We just had the debate about whether to support legislation requiring all pharmacies to collect (I don't agree with that), or whether we should instead highlight or formally recognize those that have already begun to provide take-back. This is kind of a third option that both recognizes the good and calls out the non-participants. Kudos to the Lonely Drop-Box people!

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Local action and activism in Roanoke, VA:

"Local law enforcement along with the Prevention Council of Roanoke County are launching the Lonely Drop-Box project to encourage local pharmacies to install drug disposal boxes of their own. Currently, only eight of the 217 pharmacies in the surrounding area offer in-store drop-boxes."

"students are still working hard to finish [making] the drop-box. This is their second one"

(story has photo)

"local people are mailing 4,000 postcards to the CEOs of CVS, Walgreens, Kroger and Walmart -- the four largest chain store pharmacies in our area -- asking them to install drug disposal boxes."



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