[Pharmwaste] NYS Drug Take Back Act Signed Into Law!

Ed Gottlieb EGottlieb at cityofithaca.org
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Happy to report that Governor Cuomo signed the NYS Drug Take Back Act into law.

Doubt about his signing was raised in a recent news story (below) reported he was being lobbied by manufactures to veto the bill.  The Governor kept us on the edge of our seats, waiting until the deadline day to sign it.

Signed:  http://www.weny.com/story/38615472/nys-senate-announces-drug-take-back-act-has-been-signed-into-law

...Riverkeeper and other environmental advocates are expecting Cuomo to sign the bill in short order. But Cuomo may be feeling pinched from both sides. The deep-pocketed pharmaceutical industry isn’t happy<https://www.statnews.com/pharmalot/2016/05/03/drug-take-back/> about having to clean up after itself and its consumers, and is lobbying local and state officials. http://nyacknewsandviews.com/2018/07/earth-matters-drug-take-back-act/

Environmental Groups Offer Lukewarm Review Of NY Legislative Session With Much Work Left Aside
"New York League of Conservation Voters President Marcia Bystryn echoes that at a statewide level there were a few positives but overall it was a lackluster performance by the legislature for the environment.   "One thing we’re particularly pleased they took up was the Drug Take Back Act because  there is a tendency for people to throw unused medications in the toilet which as a consequence contaminates the water supply. What was left on the table were a number of pieces of legislation we were actively supporting which just did not get anywhere, and also quite frankly the prohibition on offshore drilling, none of those moved.”


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Hi All,

New York’s “Drug Take Back Act<http://nyassembly.gov/leg/?default_fld=&leg_video=&bn=S09100&term=2017&Summary=Y&Actions=Y>” passed the Senate and Assembly unanimously today, the final day of the 2018 Legislative Session. This Act follows the EPR approach in establishing a state-wide drug take-back program paid for by drug manufacturers, requiring chain pharmacies to provide consumers with convenient and free drug disposal. It marks a huge win for drug stewardship and highlights what can be achieved by the hard work of a dedicated coalition. Thanks to the Citizens Campaign for the Environment, the NY Product Stewardship Council, and many others that joined PSI in helping pass a strong piece of legislation.

We have every reason to believe that Governor Cuomo to sign the Act, and we will let you know when he does.

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