shrug-l: New SHRUG Website address

Pence, Patrick
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 13:44:55 -0400

As of Monday, August 12th, the Seven Hills Regional Usergroup for GIS
(SHRUG) website is now located at the following URL:

The domain has been changed from .ORG to .INFO.  Please be sure to update
your bookmarks and references to the site.

Also, pre-registration for the November GIS conference is in full swing.
(Only $50 before October 15th!) Check out the website to get information
about registration, paper submittals, and entering your poster into the

Stop by and take a look around if you haven't recently.  Thanks to our
President, Bill Pollock, for making the website domain transition as smooth
as possible.

See you in November!
Patrick Pence, SHRUG Vice-President
GIS Coordinator - Public Safety
Information Systems Services
City of Tallahassee
voice: (850) 891-4941
fax: (850) 891-4204