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>From ArcMap help these steps allow you to add the x and y of the =
centroids to
a polygon layer that can then be brought in as an event theme and saved =
as a
shape file or other type of layer.

Start an edit session in ArcMap. Calculating a field is faster outside =
of an
edit session, but you won't be able to undo the calculation.=20
Open the attribute table of the layer of the layer you want to edit.=20
Right-click the field heading for the X field (if there is no X field =
you can
add a new field by clicking the options button and selecting the new =
Click Calculate Values.=20
Check Advanced.=20
Type the following VBA statement in the first text box.=20

	Dim dblX As Double
	Dim pArea As IArea
	Set pArea =3D [Shape]
	dblX =3D pArea.Centroid.X

Type the variable dblX in the text box directly under the X field name.=20
Click OK.=20
You can repeat the same process for updating a field with the Y =
for the centroid point of each polygon in the layer.

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Subject: shrug-l: polygon to point

Hi ken

Three is three way of converting poly to point features
1. Arc GIS 9.x
   Arc Tool Box----Data Mangement Tool----Features----Feature to point

2. Arc Info (workstation)
   if you have a polygon coverage then go to tools of Edit tools and =
conversion tools----Topology-------Create labels Now open it in Arc =
when u will single click on the coverage on the ADD window, it will show
three sub-heads under the main coverage head. Add the data and assign =
from the raw orginal poly coverage using Geoprocessing Wizard and then
convert it to .shp file for further use.

3. Arc Info

   If u have a region instead of poly then go to edit----change edit =
to label and clean & Build as LABEL, and then follow the same procedure =
Arc View as mentioned in No. 2

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