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Alan Foley
Mon, 27 Dec 2004 17:54:01 -0500

Other users have already provided good methods to use.  I don't know if this
will be a concern for you, but watch out for irregularly shaped polygons
such as flag lots - the centroid may actually fall outside the polygon


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>From ArcMap help these steps allow you to add the x and y of the centroids
a polygon layer that can then be brought in as an event theme and saved as a
shape file or other type of layer.

Start an edit session in ArcMap. Calculating a field is faster outside of an
edit session, but you won't be able to undo the calculation. 
Open the attribute table of the layer of the layer you want to edit. 
Right-click the field heading for the X field (if there is no X field you
add a new field by clicking the options button and selecting the new field
Click Calculate Values. 
Check Advanced. 
Type the following VBA statement in the first text box. 

	Dim dblX As Double
	Dim pArea As IArea
	Set pArea = [Shape]
	dblX = pArea.Centroid.X

Type the variable dblX in the text box directly under the X field name. 
Click OK. 
You can repeat the same process for updating a field with the Y coordinates
for the centroid point of each polygon in the layer.

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Subject: shrug-l: polygon to point

Hi ken

Three is three way of converting poly to point features
1. Arc GIS 9.x
   Arc Tool Box----Data Mangement Tool----Features----Feature to point

2. Arc Info (workstation)
   if you have a polygon coverage then go to tools of Edit tools and then
conversion tools----Topology-------Create labels Now open it in Arc View,
when u will single click on the coverage on the ADD window, it will show
three sub-heads under the main coverage head. Add the data and assign data
from the raw orginal poly coverage using Geoprocessing Wizard and then
convert it to .shp file for further use.

3. Arc Info

   If u have a region instead of poly then go to edit----change edit feature
to label and clean & Build as LABEL, and then follow the same procedure in
Arc View as mentioned in No. 2

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