shrug-l: entering less than values sum

Kristal Flanders
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 13:57:37 -0600

WOW! What a response! It seems that this is a hot topic and I didn't =
it. So, I'll try to summarize responses from all those who wrote back on =
question regarding how to handle BDL values. Thanks so much to Gail, =
Rene, Shrinidhi, Eric, Lisa, Bill Alfred, Henry, Bill Porter, and Kiran.
First to clarify, I am working in ArcGIS 8.3 and Access.  I am entering =
into Access (part of a geodatabase) which is joined to a spatial dataset =
a corresponding feature class.  The data is being entered manually from =
copy documentation. One person suggested that I create a field to list =
detectable limits that is adjacent to the actual value. I have to
distinguish sample values between those that are not sampled (NULL), 0, =
< the detection limit or not detected (ND).  The investigator wants to
include these sites in the analysis, so that eliminates the option to
combine all those into a ND status.  Because we are mainly interested in
those sites that exceed the standard, I will go with Gary's suggestion =
use half the detection limit value so that at least I can group these
various inorganics into classes.  Then, the "less than values" combined =
one class. Thanks again to all who responded. Happy 2004! Kristal

Kristal Flanders, GIS Analyst
Environmental Studies Department
University of West Florida