shrug-l: Printing Problems

Edwin, III Cake
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Another possible fix to consider.... Every now and again after our HP1055 =
fails to plot a large document it will completely lock up and refuse to =
print even the smallest job. Solution: Since the unit would not respond to =
a shut down command from its own menu we had to unplug it. After plugging =
it back in and allowing it to restart, it worked fine. I also recommend =
the "process in computer" method mentioned before.

Just my $0.02 worth

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>>> "Pienta, David" <> 03/10/04 12:39PM >>>
We ran into issues like this before and went through steps with HP.  They =
us make sure our print driver was up to date, but I think our problem =
out to be that the firmware that our plotter uses was out of date and we
upgraded that and now it works great!  -David

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There can also be some underlying network/system admin problems that lead =
slow printing that make printing in in 8.x a pain.
I installed some software from HP that creates a local print queue on the
workstation, and it made my issue go away completely.  I also took that
opportunity to install an updated driver for my plotter which I think =
Here is the link where I found the software and a description of how to
install it.  It's a huge support site, so if this link doesn't work, try and go to support - printers - and search on slow printing =

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