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Pienta, David
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 10:22:18 -0500

might want to send that offer to the career center for FSU...  -Dave

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This looks like a good opportunity for a student to me

Shawn Lewers

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Subject: Summer GIS interns

Dear Mr.Shawn Lewers

I am working for Sarasota County and we're looking for interns for
summer. =20
Would you happen to know any good students that would be interested in
working on GIS and GPS projects for the Summer?

The interns will be doing a multitude of GIS and GPS tasks. =20
They will QA/QC three years of drainage GIS data collected with GPS. =20
The QA/QC will be done in ArcGIS and Pathfinder Office. =20
The interns will also be using GPS to field collect GIS data for the
areas where we do not have drainage data.

Pay for an intern who is a graduate student is approximately $13 per
hour and $10 for undergraduate students. =20
Interns are responsible for finding their own housing for their
internship.  The internship lasts approximately 4 months, but we'll work
around specific schedules.

If you know of anyone that is interested in such a program, please have
them contact either myself or Jin-Seok Hong. =20
I can be reached at the contact information listed in the signature of
this e-mail,  Jin can be contacted at:

Jin-Seok Hong
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