shrug-l: 2004 Florida GIS & Mapping Conference

Brandenburg, Erika
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 09:51:12 -0500


Many of you may already be on the FLURISA mailing list as well, so I =
apologize if this is duplicate information! =20

The 2004 Florida GIS & Mapping Conference is coming up!  It is on April =
21-23 at Adams Mark Hotel, Daytona Beach, FL.  Below is a message from =
the FLURISA President providing a bit of general information!  In =
addition, the call for papers is still open if you are interested in =
presenting!! =20

Each year four major professional organizations convene to host the =
annual Joint Mapping Conference.  ASPRS, FACM, FSMS, & FLURISA join =
together to offer topics of interest to all constituents as well as some =
Continuing Education Units (CEUs). This year's theme is "Innovative =
Technologies To Manage Florida's GeoSpatial Challenges." We are planning =
presentations on such topics as:
GIS certification, utility mapping, laws governing surveying, real =
estate land GIS, 3d Aviation GIS, CADD to geo-database migration, true =
Ortho-photos, GIS in master planning, mobile GIS data collection, =
GISCorps, new utility construction in GIS, enterprise address issues, =
history of surveying, parks and recreation facilities management with =
GIS, cooperative data acquisition and mapping, tracking the land =
development process, discussion of state wide GIS, Mobile GIS AVL system =
and other topics that relate to Mapping, surveying, GIS and Remote =
Sensing and a Vendor Hall showcasing the latest technologies.=20

Building on the successes of the 2003 Joint Mapping Conference in Fort =
Lauderdale last summer, this conference should be even better. A great =
deal of information will be provided during educational sessions. The =
format of last year's conference with two concurrent tracks is augmented =
this year with an additional series of presentations. Many events also =
provide opportunities to establish and reaffirm professional and =
personal contacts.   We also will be holding our Annual FLURISA General =
Members meeting on Wednesday morning at 10am.  Please plan to attend.

For more information about preliminary program, registration form, and =
hotel reservations, please visit the following websites: Florida Chapter =
of URISA at:
Florida Association of Cadastral Mappers at:

Please plan on attending the 2004 Florida GIS & Mapping Conference from =
April 21-23, 2004, at Adams Mark Hotel, Daytona Beach, FL.  We look =
forward to seeing you there!


Sanjiv Gandhi,
President, Florida URISA=20