shrug-l: Reminder: SHRUG Quarterly Meeting *Today*

Pence, Patrick
Tue, 5 Oct 2004 10:22:03 -0400

SHRUG members-

Just a last reminder that our rescheduled quarterly meeting will be held
today, hosted by the Florida Department of
Environmental Protection - Office of Greenways and Trails.  The board of
directors will have their meeting at 2:30pm, and all are welcome to
participate.  The host portion of the quarterly meeting will begin about
3:00pm, with host presentations about GIS applications within the Office of
Greenways & Trails, Division of State Lands, and Division of Parks &

The FDEP Douglas Building (aka the Copper Top) is located at 3900
Commonwealth Blvd, which is just off of Capital Cir NW, near I-10
interchange 196.  Visitor parking is in front.  Please enter through the
front visitor's entrance, and the meeting room will be just off to the right
on the first floor.

Announcements and updates concerning the 3rd Annual SHRUG GIS Workshop
(November 17-18) will be presented by the Workshop Planning committee, along
with another set of free registration giveaways to a lucky few!

We look forawrd to seeing you there.


Patrick Pence
GIS Coordinator - Public Safety
Information Systems Services
City of Tallahassee
voice: (850) 891-4941
fax: (850) 891-4204