shrug-l: RE:dynamically generate layer
Thu, 14 Oct 2004 16:26:37 -0400


We have a business table that collects well information.  Each record in
the business table has a well identifier and latitude/longitude.  In the
past we have generated a feature class or layer from this business data.
As we did so a shape column and objectid were added to the layer that
joins back to the F.. And S.. Tables to provide geographic
representation. =20

We can setup an ArcSDE view to join the existing layer to the business
data.  We are doing this on well identifier so as to correctly represent
the data.  This should mean that as attributes are modified they are
reflected in the layer.  However, if new rows are added I don't think
that they are "dynamically" assigned a shape in the SDE layer just
because we have a view. =20

So, is there anyway through ArcSDE to allow for "dynamically" generated
feature classes so that if new wells are collected in our database with
latitude/longitude they would display or would this have to be done
either through a batch process that basically regenerates the layer?