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Tripp C. Corbin
Mon, 31 Jan 2005 13:00:52 -0500

Pictometry usually includes a traditional aerial photo in addition to
their angled photos. In my experience all their photography is in a jpg
format and can be used in ArcView GIS or ArcGIS. I also believe they
have developed some extensions for ESRI software. It is also possible to
view shapefiles with in Pictometry's software.=20

A couple of our Clients are using the Pictometry product and seem to
like it. You can overlay their images including the angled shots, with
your GIS data in their software. I have not seen this attempted within
ArcView or ArcGIS. =20

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Has anyone worked with pictometry?  I am about to take
on a new job that has pictometry for the entire
county.  They also have Arcview 3.2.  Are the
pictometry aerials importable in Arcview?  I am
curious to see how pictures taken at a 45 degree angle
line up with 'flat' layers or if its even possible.



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