shrug-l: Flood Zones?

Jay Johnson
Tue, 10 May 2005 16:29:08 -0400

You want data from FEMA:
Click on "The FEMA Flood Map Store".

I'm kind of shocked they are calling it "Flood Map Store", when Flood
Insurance Rate Map Store would be more appropriate.  

Not many of the DFIRMs for Florida are available in the store yet - the
Water Management Districts have begun working on producing these for
FEMA's map modernization program.  You might be able to use the Q3 data
that is available, but read up on it and understand its limitations

*******None of the above constitutes endorsement of said data, nor of
its use to annoy citizens of the United States with yet more junk

Jay Johnson
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>>> "Nonie Castro" <> 5/10/2005 4:11:26 PM
Hello all - 
I am not affiliated with any governmental agency, but I have a need
Flood Zone data for Florida. 
(We have a client who wants to target households in Carrier Routes
are in Flood Zones.)
Is there a place where the Public can reach that data? 

Thank you,
Nonie Castro
GIS Specialist
Cox Target Media
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