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Hi Cyndi.  It is possible to set your default symbol properties for the
callout so that you don't have to change
it every time.  If you go to the Drawing options (the Draw toolbox has to
be checked on), there is an option for
'Default Symbol Properties'.   In there is an option to set your callout
properties and this works for creating manual
callouts, but you have to type in your text.  If you want to use the
labeling tool, then all you have to do is set the
symbol properties for the layer you are labeling - and then use the manual
labeling tool that Adam was writing about.
To do this.....go to the layer properties and then to the Labels tab.
Click on the 'Symbol' button and set your callout
properties.  Nevertheless, both tools can have their properties set so that
you don't have to change them every
time you manually create a label or text box.

Good Luck.  Call if you have any questions.

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This works well except that ...
I am using a specialized 'callout' label symbol that we have changed the
default color on, etc. I'm finding that when I 'select a style', it wont
allow me to pick from the symbol I have created and saved ... only from
some pre-chosen set of label styles.  I can pick one of the pre-set label
styles (there is a rounded call out there),but I have to go in and change
the colors, fonts, etc. every time. Woe on me should I change 'tools' for
some reason ... have to go thru the whole process again. Know of any way to
'save' my 'special' balloon symbol I've created, out to the automatic
default "Label Styles" selection I get when I attempt to 'choose a style'??

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You can use the label tool in the drawing tool bar to label features
individually.  You can then pick them up and move them around as if they
were anno without having to convert them to anno.  I have attached screen
captures showing where the tool is as well as the help.

Good luck,
Adam M. Carnow, AICP
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      Hi there. Welllllll... this doesnt work. perhaps a step left out?  At
      any rate, re-opening ArcMap automatically seems to re-create the
      "ESRI" folder too.  Also ... are you converting "in the database" or
      "in the map"??

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      this ESRI fix they sent me, and it worked

      Close down all ArcGIS products.

      In Windows Explorer browse to the path below

      C:\Documents and Settings\<your user login>\Application Data\ESRI

      If you do not see the Application Data folder go to Tools > Folder
      options and click on the View tab. Set it so that it will Show Hidden
      Files and Folders and Hide Protected Operating Files is unchecked.

      Rename this ESRI folder to ESRIold. Now restart ArcMap and test
      converting the labels to annotation.

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            Hello everyone.  I create call-out balloon labels in ArcGIS 9.0
            (for labellling purposes); however, when I go to convert them
            to annotation (so I can thus move them around), the entire
            program crashes/closes.

            Anybody know of any fix or patch for this?


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