shrug-l: remote desktop connection

Amy Knight
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 08:42:15 -0400

We are having a problem using Arcview with a remote desktop connection 
through Windows XP.  When Arcview is accessed through the remote 
connection polygon and point themes draw incompletely, especially the 
more zoomed out you are;  and images come in but draw over the top of 
shapefiles even though they are not ordered that way in the TOC.  It 
doesn't seem to be related to the video card/driver because we tested it 
with different computers (laptops, desktops).  On a single computer we 
opened the same arcview project through our regular network and then 
through a remote connection and the problem only occurs through the 
remote connection.  Has anyone else experienced this and can offer a 
solution?  I'm going to post on ESRI also but so far haven't seen any 
threads for this exact problem.  Thanks-
Amy Knight
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