shrug-l: remote desktop connection

Kimberly Steele
Thu, 20 Oct 2005 11:39:55 -0500

Just a Stab, but it may be a video resolution problem ie:  256 colors as
apposed to 32 bit, possibly it could be the screen resolution.=20

 Kimberly Steele
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Subject: shrug-l: remote desktop connection

We are having a problem using Arcview with a remote desktop connection=20
through Windows XP.  When Arcview is accessed through the remote=20
connection polygon and point themes draw incompletely, especially the=20
more zoomed out you are;  and images come in but draw over the top of=20
shapefiles even though they are not ordered that way in the TOC.  It=20
doesn't seem to be related to the video card/driver because we tested it

with different computers (laptops, desktops).  On a single computer we=20
opened the same arcview project through our regular network and then=20
through a remote connection and the problem only occurs through the=20
remote connection.  Has anyone else experienced this and can offer a=20
solution?  I'm going to post on ESRI also but so far haven't seen any=20
threads for this exact problem.  Thanks-
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