shrug-l: SUM: ArcGIS 9.0 connections to ArcSDE 9.0 with SQLServer 2000 on Windows 2003 server (enterprise ed)?

Tan, Yurong
Fri, 28 Oct 2005 11:53:29 -0400


Good morning!

I have to admit I am humble by the overwhelming (several dozens)
responses starting the minute I posted the question and most if not all
responses  confirmed "no compatibility issues" for the described setup
environment -- and I am very happy I have figured out the solution on my
own and now providing a summary to the list.

PROBLEM:  I installed ArcSDE 9.0 for a brand new SQL server database in
a brand new box running brand new Windows 2003 server SP1 (enterprise
edition).  Yet, ArcSDE can not be started using SDEMON nor be stopped by
the same command.  The only way to start/stop the SDE service is OS net
command.  Connection from desktops to the server were unstable with on
and off in an unpredictable manner.  All SDE command line commands were
not working with a consistent error message "SDE service not running
...", even though the GIOMGR process is up and the sdeservice -o list
clearly showed the service was indeed running.=20

SOLUTION:  Created the Security management database by installing the
Windows Security Wizard which is NOT installed by default and then went
through the basics to create the security management database (hit NEXT
a dozen times) and opened up the ports.     =20

SUGGESTIONS: The core issue is the security-hardening mentality and the
security management database for Windows 2003 OS, especially for fresh
installations on new boxes in which case the security management
database is NOT created by default.  If you upgrade from 2000 to 2003
(which I suspected many of the respondents did), you might not encounter
those issues because security settings are normally inherited from the
previous version.     =20

Also, without the security management database (XLM file), ArcSDE
post-installation only creates an "approved" application (giomgr.exe)
without being assigned any particular port even though you have provided
the port number -- ESRI might need to look into that.    =20
Thanks for all the responses.

Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!


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