shrug-l: MS Post-Event Imagery Needed for Katrina Response

Taylor, Ronnie L.
Thu, 1 Sep 2005 16:02:27 -0400

To All,

I was just on and it =
working fine.  We have had such a large volume of traffic to the site =
that it
has slowed everything down.  We finally got the Louisiana imagery up.  =
have to keep trying, but site is working.

Ronnie L. Taylor

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That site has been down all day.  Now the page comes up, but every link =
down.  We have crews going into the field and want to do some recon to =
the extent of the high water marks among other things.

I've struck out searching for imagery so far.  Does anyone know of =
site.  I could even use AVHRR or other low resolution imagery because I
need to plan not map the detail.


Eric Songer
URS Corporation
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