shrug-l: Saving Shapfile as layer in ArcGIS 9

Edwin, III Cake
Wed, 21 Sep 2005 09:10:51 -0400

I'll take a stab....
Check to make sure that the attribute fields used to create the symbology =
for the original layer are not suspended in the fields tab of the original =
layer's layer properties. Any fields that are not visible will not be =
exported as you make your county specific shape files, and your imported =
layer file will look ok in the symbology dialog, but it will not have the =
fields and attributes it needs to draw the layer. Nothing will draw. Hope =
this helps


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>>> <> 09/21/05 8:59 AM >>>
Using the a flood layer we clipped out each one of FL 67 counties and =
saved each individual county as a shapefile.  I am going back to the=20
individual county shapefile and importing the needed symbology from the=20
original flood layer and then saving the county shapefiles as a layer, =
the layer doesn't work?  It won't show up.  Can someone please tell me=20
what I did wrong or which step I'm missing?

Thank you!

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