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The Division of State Lands tracks the areas of sovereign submerged lands
that have been disposed of or encumbered by lease or easement. The limits of
sovereign submerged lands can be difficult to define.  Generally if a water
body was originally meandered, appears to be navigable, is not man made and
is not subject to a previous disposition, legislative mandate or court order,
then lands below the ordinary high water line can be presumed to be sovereign
submerged lands.  However, in Florida, with its flat topography, defining the
ordinary high water line and limits of navigability can be difficult and when
there is a question, only the courts can define the line.  Therefore, we do
not have a broad-brush GIS data set that accurately depicts all sovereign
submerged lands in the state.  


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Hopefully some folks from DEP's Division of State Lands may be on the list
and will respond with a more thorough answer, but from my understanding, we
"some" of the state-owned submerged lands in Florida, but we don't have
You can visit DEP's internet mapping portal at and follow to the link to the BTLDS
Lands Records Web Map to explore the data. I am unaware of this data being
available for download, and you would have to contact State Lands for further
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Does anyone have any idea where I could find a data layer that shows all of
the State-owned Submerged Lands in Florida? 

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