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After years of tax mapping, this is what I would recommend. Find some
existing digital data for the area you are dealing with that contains at
least road locations, natural water features, and political limits. This
will give you something to use to georeference you paper map. I am sure
Florida has a GIS Clearinghouse which you can download data from if you
don't already have something in house. 
Then scan your paper map and use the Georeferencing Toolbar in ArcMap to
georeference the scanned map. This toolbar will also allow you to
generate a world file using the rectify function. Once that is done,
then you can heads-up digitize the polygons.

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I need some very quick help.  I just got thrown into my lap a project of
which I have no idea how to complete, so I need all of your help.

I have a paper map that has landuse polygons on it.  I have been asked
to find the acreage for several of those polygons.  I do not have access
to the original maps in digital form, thus I must digitize the
pre-existing map, and then use the digital copy to find the acreage.
However, I am not sure how to do the digitizing, and not sure how to
georeference it so that I can get the acreage.

Please Help !!!!   This project needs to be completed today. 

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