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Thomas, Jim jim_thomas at
Fri Aug 18 08:37:25 EDT 2006

Is anyone familiar enough with Network Analyst to tell me if it can do
the following?
I have several SEGMENTS that represent a path of travel.  Each segment
is added up to form a ROUTE.  Assuming that a network is built (flow,
direction, etc.) can Network analyst use the information to:

*	identify all possible routes (e.g. 78 segments, 800 possible
*	In addition, I want the ROUTES mapped because I want to
spatially analyze against other layers
*	Finally, I want to identify the ROUTE components (or SEGMENTS)
in a tabular format

Is this possible?
If Network Analyst is NOT the right tool, and other tools like Linear
Referencing (or whatever) are more appropriate let me know.
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