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Greg Mauldin GregM at
Wed Aug 30 15:51:13 EDT 2006

Hi Gary,

Addresing ArcInfo specifically, there is a GRID function called
ASCIIGRID. You run it from theb GRID prompt. The usage is:

ASCIIGRID(<in_ascii_file>, {INT | FLOAT})

Examples for creating a floating point grid and an integer grid:

outfloatgrid = ASCIIGRID(gridname.asc,float)
outintegergrid = ASCIIGRID(gridname.asc)

Hope this helps.


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>>> Gary Watry <watry at> 08/30/06 2:43 PM >>>
The problem was the files had the wrong file extension and I assumed 
that I missing something and did not realize there was an error in the

Scott Weisman wrote:
> Hi Gary:
> Have you tried Ascii to Raster in ArcInfo (ArcCatalog)?
> Scott
>>>> Gary Watry <watry at> 08/30/06 11:22 AM >>>
> Has anyone loaded am Ascii GRID into ArcInfo, if so how do I do it

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