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E-911 GIS Technician 

Posting Date: 2/14/2006 11:45:00 AM.
Posting Type: Internal and External 
Department: Information Technologies
Date of Vacancy: 2/14/2006
Job Location: Palatka


Highly skilled technical work in the assignment of E911 Addressing and
Street Naming using GIS as well as maintenance of MSAG and ALI
databases.  Maintain feature data classes in the County Enterprise GIS,
as well as develop and maintain ArcGIS shapefiles specific to Department
use.  Assigns and maintains E911 Addressing and Street Names in GIS.
Maintains databases specific to E911 Addressing System (i.e., MSAG,
ALI).  Communicates with the customer to provide E911 services (by
phone, email or mail).  Assists other County staff with the GIS system
including development and database management, maintenance,
customizing/programming, upgrading, and mapping.  Prepares graphical and
non-graphical information for staff reports and presentations;  assists
with oral presentations as requested.  Provide mapping data information
at public hearings and to the general public.  Research and compile data
including but not limited to recorded and unrecorded plat maps, legal
instruments, private and governmental surveys, aerial photography to
produce accurate base maps showing both natural and legal boundaries.  

Certificate of GIS technology and/or two or more years of college or
university level work, a minimum of an A.A. or A.S. degree is preferred.
Two years of experience or education training using GIS or other
computerized mapping/cartography software and hardware including
utilizing various mapping techniques for land-based information systems,
following the calls of a legal description, and manipulating the data
using a coordinate geometry software package.  Possession of a valid
Florida Driver's License.

Salary: $25,385-$39,354
Deadline for receipt of application: open until filled
Apply at: Human Resources 514 St. Johns Avenue, Building 1C, Palatka,


Kim Paxton

GIS Coordinator

Putnam County

Phone: 386.326.2749

Fax: 386.329.0215

kim.paxton at



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