shrug-l: Reminder of SHRUG planning committee meeting

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Good Morning,

This is just an additional comment about the meeting.  It will be held in the
"Cottage" which is located straight back from the ranger station near the
souvenir shop.  If you need more specific instructions, please ask at the
ranger station.  Also, this cottage is reserved under DEP Watershed
Management, not under SHRUG.




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Good Morning Everyone:


This is a reminder to mark your calendars for the first planning committee
meeting next Tuesday, February 28th at MaClay Gardens. Lunch will be provided
from 12-1 followed by the meeting from 1-4. We have many topics to discuss
and everyone's input is greatly needed. I hope to see everyone there!!


Please see the attached word document for all the information regarding the


Here's a link to MaClay gardens website for directions.



Tricia McClenahan



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