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Hi Christy, 

Depending on whether you are after the vector to raster functionality of
TOPOGRID or the DEM processing functionality, both can be accomplished with
an ArcView 9.x license. 

-	To convert contour polylines and spot points to a raster DEM, you
will probably need to use a Spatial Analyst tools and license with ArcView.
There are a few workarounds to this- try ET Geowizards (You will have to
build a TIN first then you can make a raster DEM from the TIN).

-	For processing the DEM, there are a few options. The first would be
the latest ArcHydro tools from the ESRI water resources team available from
the GISWR Consortium ( You will
definitely need a Spatial Analyst license for these tools. Another option is
TauDEM from David Tarboton at Utah State University. His extensions are
available for ArcView and also MapWindow which has a GNU license

Hope this was helpful. Good luck.

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From: Christine Smith [mailto:spinningyurt at] 
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Subject: shrug-l: topogrid w/ ArcView license?

Good morning!
Does anyone know if topogrid or a similar utility is available with an
ArcView 9.1 license?
Thank you,
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