shrug-l: GIS position available

Pierce, Brian pierceb at
Fri Sep 8 09:36:44 EDT 2006

People First initially put our GIS vacancy announcement in "Economics
and Accounting" group of vacancies; therefore, we are re-advertising.
This vacancy is a Full-Time Career Service position for an entry level
GIS person.  Details regarding the vacancy can be found at
D=newjoblist&ERFormCode=any or call me directly.







Brian D. Pierce

Enterprise Integration Section Administrator

Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Office:  (850) 245-1061

Cell:  (850) 519-6431

Fax: (850) 245-1075


"Because companies use applications to automate business processes,
there is no longer such a thing as a technical problem.  Application
problems are business problems."


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