shrug-l: SUM in fu to looking for a submeter GPS unit

Kristal Walsh kwalsh at
Thu Sep 14 23:47:44 EDT 2006

Hi all, I apologize for the late sum regarding the responses I received on the submeter GPS posting a couple weeks ago.  The original question was "did anyone know of a submeter accurate GPS unit with an integrated beacon receiver for <$5000".  We needed software easier to use than ArcPad and a real-time corrections that could be achieved without post-processing.  There were lots of good suggestions and I'll try to summarize them here.
To begin with, I found that the Mobile Mapper by Thales (thanks Abbey Warner and Casey Lindemuth) including a radio-beacon receiver with Solo CE software, can be purchased for <$5000.  (FYI - We currently use two other GPS units made by different manufacturers that run ArcPad.  I have experienced problems with ArcPad on both units when saving .apms and believe this is a common problem.)  Fact sheets on the unit proclaim it to be submeter given specific settings with external corrections, however, this accuracy must be achieved at much lower PDOPs than Trimble receivers. Also, the version of Windows CE may be limiting for future upgrades.  
A couple folks said they had received excellent service from Landmark Systems, an authorized FL dealer, and specifically Miles Carter suggested a CSI WAAS GPS with Ipaq handheld.    
Trimble products that were suggested, GeoXT, XLT (requires post-processing), XH (a little more  expensive but sub-foot with post-processing) and GeoXH.  Also, thanks to Erin McCormick and Jim Robeson for some good information.  Overall, most felt that Trimble was the better product and would consistently achieve submeter results but the products were also more expensive.  So, as always, it depends on your application and budget.  Thanks again for all the quick replies. Kristal
Kristal Walsh
Environmental Studies Department
University of West Florida
Pensacola, Florida

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