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Regarding wetland maps used by DEP and EPA-- 

Though National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) maps are available from the 
LABINS website (and other sources like
, please place close attention to the cavaets-- in Florida, a formal 
wetland delineation is required to determine where wetlands are and aren't 
for legal and permitting purposes. FDEP's Wetland Evaluation and 
Delineation Section performs Formal Wetland Delineations, and may be 
contacted at for 
more information.

The maps available through LABINS may be used for informational purposes 
only! And may not be used at all for legal or permitting purposes. 

For the purposes of determining whether or not a wetland is on your 
propoerty, an NWI map indicating the presence of a wetland on your 
property may, at best, be used to determine that for sure you need to 
contact FDEP or a water management district further to have a formal 
wetland delineation performed. Absence on an NWI map of a wetland on your 
property in no way guarantees that one isn't there nor alleviates you from 
the consequences of building, filling, or other activities without 
obtaining a proper permit-- only having a wetland delination performed can 
provide that assurance.

Richard Butgereit
GIS Administrator, Florida DEM
richard.butgereit at

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>Depending on what you need, we have National Wetlands Inventory
>maps for Florida posted on LABINS: 
> is an 
>explanation as to what we used to produce these maps. -Lou 
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>Does anyone know what Wetlands map DEP and the EPA use and who to 
>contact to get a copy. 
>Kevin Standland 
>Marianna, FL 
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