shrug-l: Puerto Rico data source?

C. Henry Depew sisu26 at
Thu Sep 28 11:37:09 EDT 2006

For nautical data, you have a variety of sources.

      You can now download the actual digital BSB format raster 
charts for FREE from Maptech.
It looks like all charts of US waters are available.  These charts 
work with any charting software which handles BSB Charts.
      If you don't have such software, you can use the free SeaClear 
program from:
Note that SeaClear makes its e-mail address list available, so if you 
go this route, expect some SPAM.
      NOAA has also made free online viewing of charts
      Another site that will zoom in and out of any charts (for free).
You should know that you can also download NOAA electronic raster 
charts (in addition to ENC charts) directly from NOAA for free.

I would also suggest the USGS site that combines air photos, topos, 
and other such material/information at:

Hope this helps.

C. Henry Depew

At 10:28 AM 9/28/2006, Christine Smith wrote:

>Hello Everybody,
>Does anyone know where I can find data for Puerto Rico?  I need all 
>kinds...bathymetry, topo, aerials, soils, etc.

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