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Hello All,
  Last call for anyone interested in taking this class.

David Forsyth
GIS Technician II
Tallahassee-Leon County GIS
Phone (850) 606-5504
Fax (850) 606-5501
forsythd at
web: ( )

Developing Applications with ArcGIS Engine2 Days(16 hours) of ESRI
instructor led training. February 28 & March 1st at the Leon County
Cost is $640 per seat.  
Please Contact David Forsyth @ Tallahassee Leon County GIS department
for questions or to sign up.  
Telephone: (850) 606-5504
forsythd at 
Please read the ESRI information on this class below as it details
topics covered as well as prerequisites needed for this class.  
Students should have completed Introduction to Programming ArcObjects
with VBA (
) or have six months' experience programming with ArcObjects. Students
should also have experience programming with COM and Visual Basic .NET
or Java. Students should review the ArcGIS Desktop Developer Guide.
Prior completion of Extending ArcGIS Desktop Applications (
) is recommended.Class Description:
ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit includes a set of embeddable software
components and a toolkit that can be used to build stand-alone
applications. This advanced course shows how to use ArcGIS Engine
Developer Kit to build custom applications for the Windows platform.
Students are introduced to ArcGIS Engine and the components, libraries,
and application program interfaces (APIs) included with ArcGIS Engine
Developer Kit. Students learn the types of applications they can create,
the licensing and authorization model, and how to deploy applications
with ArcGIS Engine Runtime. The course also teaches how to build custom
components that extend the ArcGIS Engine controls framework.

Those completing this course will be able to
Install ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit. 
Configure the system and development environments. 
Use the ESRI add-ins and developer tools. 
Understand the licensing model. 
Authorize applications with different levels of licenses. 
Build stand-alone applications. 
Read and write map document files. 
Store user settings. 
Deploy ArcGIS Engine Runtime.
Topics Covered   
Introduction: ArcGIS overview; ESRI resources; Overviews of the ArcGIS
Engine products, extensions, and development process; Installing ArcGIS
Fundamentals of developing ArcGIS Engine applications: ArcGIS
architecture; the ArcGIS Engine library; ArcObjects and the COM API;
ArcObjects and the .NET API; ArcObjects and the Java API; Runtime
licensing of ArcGIS products and extensions; Steps for creating ArcGIS
Engine applications with .NET and Java. 
Developing with the mapping controls: Types of ArcGIS Engine controls;
Using the LicenseControl; Using the MapControl; Using the
PageLayoutControl; Using the TOCControl; Using the ToolbarControl;
Built-in commands, menus, and toolbars. 
Developing with the 3D controls: ArcGIS Engine 3D libraries; he
ArcScene SceneControl and the ArcGlobe GlobeControl; Using the
SceneControl and SceneGraph, SceneViewer, and Camera; Using the
GlobeControl and GlobeDisplay, GlobeViewer, and GlobeCamera; Loading 3D
and Map documents; Accessing data; Using 3D events; Recording and
playing animations. 
Customizing and extending the controls: Types of customizations and
extensions; ToolbarControl framework; Working with ToolbarItems and
CommandPool; Creating commands, tools, toolbars, menus, and extensions;
Implementing COM components; Working with CustomizeDialog; Working with
Deploying ArcGIS Engine applications: Installing the ArcGIS Engine
Runtime product; Installation requirements; Checking registry keys;
Runtime setup; Runtime features; Registration codes for license testing;
Deployment scenarios.The course includes one appendix with additional
ArcGIS developer resources: ArcObjects APIs; Core libraries for COM,
Visual Basic .NET, Java, and C++; ArcGIS libraries; ArcGIS Controls
library; ArcGIS Developer Kit and Help; Samples and walkthroughs; Object
Model Diagrams; Add-ins; Developer tools and resources.
Who Should Attend
This course is designed for experienced ArcObjects programmers who have
Windows and COM development experience. Course exercises can be
completed using Visual Basic .NET or JavaTM.
Software Used in CourseArcGIS Engine 9.1
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